Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 192 :: Tuesday July 10 :: Ottawa

Make a family crest for your own family. If you already have one, make one for a friend's family or even a fictional one.

My family does indeed have its own crest, so I decided to make my own personal GStar version instead. The main part is divided into three parts – top left is an acadian flag, representing my roots; the  diagonal shows waves since i grew up by the ocean; the bottom right... circle... is open to interpretation: it could be either a frisbee, a 'poutine râpée' (traditional acadian meal made of a small ball of salted pork wrapped in shredded potatoes), a 'ploye' (more tradional food, this time a thin buckweat pancake)... or any number of other fun round things :) Last but not least, the 
crown on top is because i'm a rock star! :D

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