Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 180 :: Thursday June 28 :: Ottawa via Peterborough

Be unseasonal. Create something that belongs to another season of the year and put it into the environment. Extra credit: Document what happens when others encounter it.

I didn't create anything tangible today... more an experience, a feeling really. Let me explain. Faithful readers may remember my close-friend-who-moved-away entry back in early May; yes, we have been keeping in touch, but emails, facebook notes and gmail chats can never replace a hug or that way we can look at each other and have a full conversation without saying a word. So far, busy schedules meant that our free weekends never lined up, and our respective ultimate teams have been attending different tournaments. The last month has been a bit rough on me due to my injury, and to top it off, i've been feeling sick for about a week.

In the past, something this friend and I would often do is what we called a 'Random Whatever'. We'd agree to hang out, then wing it from there – ending up at movies, parks, other friends' places, even in Montreal once. The beauty of the plan was that there was no plan; the two of us are rather impulsive people, so this was always fun.

So yesterday, about mid-morning, an idea came to mind: what if I drove down and surprised my friend? And I did. It was awesome. The look on my friend's face was so worth it. We got a chance to sit on a porch with our feet up, catch up, and throw a frisbee. I was even able to say hi to other mutual friends I hadn't seen in a while. I ended up staying overnight – which meant getting up at 4:30 this morning to drive back and more importantly, be at work on time.

All this to say... this whole thing left me feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning (see? Here's the 'unseasonal' link!!). It really cheered me up and left me feeling a lot better than I had in the past little while. The drive felt shorter coming back than it had going there. The feeling carried through the day and even through my evening acupuncture appointment (double round, grrr)... or maybe this is just how being on 5 hours of sleep and hyped up on coffee feels like. Either way... here's a picture of the sunrise, taken about 30 minutes into the drive back. 

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