Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 365 :: Monday December 30 :: Mississauga, ON

Make something loud today. And let everyone know it's the last day of your year!

Funny that... The Last Day. If someone had told me when I started this project about where I'd physically be on day 365 – "by the way, you'll be in the parents' basement of some Prodigy guy!" – I'd never have believed them. But it makes sense really... so many of my friends have come through ultimate, Rookie included (we only met in July of this year).

So back to today. It was again more of an 'experience' than a physical thing... This afternoon i went to a friend's wine and cheese gathering in Toronto – so much fun to catch up with people I hadn't seen in a while, and there were definitely some loud moments! And now it's early evening and I currently feel like Rookie's two-year-old nephew is taking care of the 'loud' thing on my behalf as he's running around upstairs (my futon's in the basement)! Time for a short rest before going out later.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 364 :: Saturday December 29 :: Moncton, NB

Create a new birthday song or tradition. Bonus: Get people to sing or do it at the next birthday party you attend.

The set up: I was originally supposed to fly to Toronto early tomorrow morning, but unfortunately a monster snowstorm is making its way up the coasts and my flight got cancelled. Due to the magic of smartphones, I was able to rebook myself on a flight leaving tonight instead. This flight was supposed to leave at 9:40pm, but it's now 11:17pm and I'm still at the airport. Delay after delay, new departure time is 0:15 – which will especially suck for my poor friend who'll be picking me up when i land at 2am!

With this in mind, below is not so much a new song, but a semi-crappy poem titled 'Ode to a delayed flight'.

Oh, little plane, where could you be?
You were supposed to be here hours ago
I should be on my way already
Close to Toronto by now
Oh, little plane, where could you be?
The airport isn't that cozy
Watching the time go by
Trying to stay awake
Oh, little plane, where the f**k are you?
Just get here already
Just let me get on board
Just fly me away

Day 363 :: Friday December 28 :: Edmundston, NB

Extend an existing photograph or painting beyond its current edges.

Straight out of British Cosmo's fashion pages, I present you: girl in dress lying on her back, extended version. And now I'm going to bed.

Day 362 :: Thursday December 27 :: Edmundston, NB

Make a rainbow from everyday objects. They can all be the same item (like book spines) or a collection of random things.

Being in a hotel room tonight severely limits the material I had at my disposal, but I still managed to make a decent rainbow – mostly clothing – with my parents' help!

Day 361 :: Wednesday December 26 :: Moncton, NB

Coming soon...

Day 360 :: Tuesday December 25 :: Moncton, NB

Use an internal organ as your inspiration today.

First, MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Second... Internal organs aren't very Christmas-y (my mom pulled out the heart out of the turkey earlier, I considered using it for about two seconds before my sister sent it flying into the trash can with a loud 'EWWW'!), so instead I'll feature the place cards I made for our family Christmas dinner. At 19 people, it was the largest my grandma had ever hosted – and it was a blast!

Day 359 :: Monday December 24 :: Moncton, NB

Make a city out of objects you have on hand.

I wrapped several presents in the late afternoon, and it was fun to arrange them as a little city afterwards. I especially like the 'sun' above it!