Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 364 :: Saturday December 29 :: Moncton, NB

Create a new birthday song or tradition. Bonus: Get people to sing or do it at the next birthday party you attend.

The set up: I was originally supposed to fly to Toronto early tomorrow morning, but unfortunately a monster snowstorm is making its way up the coasts and my flight got cancelled. Due to the magic of smartphones, I was able to rebook myself on a flight leaving tonight instead. This flight was supposed to leave at 9:40pm, but it's now 11:17pm and I'm still at the airport. Delay after delay, new departure time is 0:15 – which will especially suck for my poor friend who'll be picking me up when i land at 2am!

With this in mind, below is not so much a new song, but a semi-crappy poem titled 'Ode to a delayed flight'.

Oh, little plane, where could you be?
You were supposed to be here hours ago
I should be on my way already
Close to Toronto by now
Oh, little plane, where could you be?
The airport isn't that cozy
Watching the time go by
Trying to stay awake
Oh, little plane, where the f**k are you?
Just get here already
Just let me get on board
Just fly me away

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