Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 226 :: Monday August 13 :: Ottawa

52 pickup. Use a deck of cards to make something today, or make a unique playing card, or really challenge yourself and make an entirely original deck of cards.

As we inch closer and closer to Wednesday, aka DEPARTURE-DATE-FOR-NATIONALS!!!, it's only natural that i have ultimate on the brain :P Therefore, i thought it would be fun to imagine what my personal sports card would look like!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 225 :: Sunday August 12 :: Ottawa

Make a unique birdhouse (or bat house, or doghouse, or cathouse, or squirrel house). It doesn't have to be functional. Extra credit: Document it in use.

Not quite sure where this inspiration came from, but here is my modern birdhouse!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 224 :: Saturday August 11 :: Ottawa

Get dirty. Use dirt as your medium or inspiration today. It can be loose, in clumps, or even made into mud if you want to get extra dirty!

Since I'm heading out to BC shortly, boyfriend and I decided to have a quiet night of Thai take-out and movies at home. I showed up at his place with the food a little earlier than planned, and he was still slurrying the counters – but then he described the concrete filler mix as 'mud', so I couldn't resist making some stars into it :)

Day 223 :: Friday August 10 :: Ottawa

Create a Mad Libs-style story (remove nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and other parts of speech and replace them with blank lines), and have a friend fill it in. Bonus: Illustrate the end result.

Oooh, fun!! The story didn't take long at all to write, then i turned to Facebook to request/collect the required missing words. Lots of people replied, which made lots of fun versions of the story – including my personal favorite, coming from my little sister, who wrote her own story using only the prompts! The version illustrated below used the first reply on my post, from wish-sister Sparta.

Should you wish to play along (of course you do!!), first write down a word to fit each prompt:
1. a person's name
2. a colour
3. an article of clothing
4. an ultimate term
5. another ultimate term
6. a food item
7. a month
8. a city
9. an adjective
10. a plural noun
11. a number

Now, here's the story:
"There once was an ultimate player named name. S/he loved to wear his/her colour piece of clothing to play. On the sidelines, s/he could often be heard yelling ultimate term or ultimate term. After games, s/he always snacks on food. S/he can't wait until month because s/he'll travel to city to play in a big tournament with his/her team, the adjective plural noun. S/he hopes to score number points, and make many new friends!"

And here's the illustration!
(answers given: Sinclair, magenta, corset, poach, zone buster, gummy bears, November, Reykjavik, magnificent, balls, 10)

Day 222 :: Thursday August 9 :: Ottawa

Make something appetizing seem unappetizing (but still edible).

Mmmm oatmeal! These colours actually turned out well, maybe I should have used green food coloring for more of a swampy look...

Day 221 :: Wednesday August 8 :: Ottawa

Use a tree (or trees) as your only material or inspiration today.

I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic... therefore have a soft spot for initials carved in trees. Today was a chance to carve my own – but don't worry, I used a branch found on the forest floor :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 220 :: Tuesday August 7 :: Ottawa

Nothing but blue skies. Work only with blue materials today. Try working on a blue surface for a real challenge.

Mmm... Blue has to be my favorite colour! I've been doing a batch of these 'sharpie-doodles-on-Pantone-swatch-postcards' for a postcard swap, so why not do one more for today's creative? As a bonus, i p
hotographed it on my denim couch, which really works with the swatch name!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 219 :: Monday August 6 :: Ottawa

Create a mosaic using cut paper. Snippets of colour from magazines are ideal for this.

Ooh, this means I get a free pass to buy a trashy magazine! I went out to the corner store specifically for this and  picked up InTouch (it was the cheapest, haha) and do admit to reading it before cutting it to pieces :P As you can see, my mind is still on the weekend camping trip... which explains my little mosaic paddling self-portrait.

Day 218 :: Sunday August 5 :: Lac Vert, QC

Work only with, or be inspired by, measuring devices today, such as rulers, tape measures, and measuring cups. 

I've recently started seeing someone, and our favorite running joke is how much time we've spent in the car together... of course, this stems from the fact that we started dating following a 31-hour road trip over five days (see days 194 to 198 for more details), but very often we'll be on our way to ultimate or a friend's place and one of us will start laughing and say, 'oh look, we're in the car again!'. So today's creative is a pie chart (since you can make charts using measurements!) showing how we've spent our time together so far. Note that the pie segments are all represented using textures found in our campsite :)

So, Starting at 12 o'clock, and going clockwise:

  • Blue tarp – playing ultimate/throwing a frisbee
  • Green moss – working on house renovations
  • Orange kayak – camping
  • Yellow-green mesh – long walks on the beach
  • Reddish pink canoe – sitting on statue of giant lobster
  • Brown bark – time spent in car!

Day 217 :: Saturday August 4 :: Lac Vert, QC

Create flip-book animation in the corner of a notebook or book.

What better place to do this than lounging in a hammock with a cold beverage between swimming, kayaking, disc golf... This island is totally my happy place. Some of my fellow campers are a family with young kids, and the boys have been fishing off our landing spot every chance they get. They were a good inspiration for this assignment – a little fisherman tale with a surprise ending :)

Day 216 :: Friday August 3 :: Lac Vert, QC

Work with light. Create an image using any light source in your home. One option is taking strings of holiday lights and creating an image with them.

As appealing as the holiday lights idea is, mine are tucked away in a box in my basement; and besides, I'm back camping at Lac Vert this weekend. Yay! I decided to use our campfire as the light source, which was a lot easier said than done. Finally, i got a sparks photo with a perfect uppercase script 'L' – the type nerd in me was very impressed with that luck! And as a bonus, I'm including a second pic showing the campfire of other campers, across the lake – and its reflection in the water.

Day 215 :: Thursday August 2 :: Ottawa

Legal graffiti. Create an image on a wall using water sprayed from a squirt gun or spray bottle. Document is disappearing.

Fun!! The alley behind my work offered a variety of surfaces ripe for the spraying. After trial and error, I determined that the gray bricks were the best canvas – spray on the red bricks evaporated too quickly, spray on the rocks didn't show, spray on the trash cans just ran – and here is my disappearing star.

Day 214 :: Wednesday August 1 :: Ottawa

Get the point. Use toothpicks as your main material or inspiration today.

A definite lack of toothpicks unfortunately means something very simple today... :/

Day 213 :: Tuesday July 31 :: Ottawa

Is there a doctor in the house? Use only the things you would find in a first-aid kit (bandages, gauze, burn creams, etc).

Tired and uninspired tonight... that my home first-aid kit isn't very well stocked doesn't help. I ended up using a tensor wrap and some fast-healing bandages since they came in clear wrappers - I didn't want to open/waste anything.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 212 :: Monday July 30 :: Ottawa

Make up a new holiday for today and create a decoration, food item or card to go along with it. Bonus: Get your friends to celebrate it with you.

What's that? You didn't know that today is National Eat-A-Cupcake Day? Well then, better get on it – those cupcakes aren't going to eat themselves! Om nom nom!


Day 211 :: Sunday July 29 :: Ottawa

Use the world of fish as your inspiration today.

Unlike most people, the first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word 'fish' is 'BigFish' – BFC's B-team, and the team i first started playing competitive ultimate with. BigFish is still the comp team i played for the longest (4 summers full of incredible memories); there's a whole Fish Alumni culture, and thus i still wear my jerseys/team gear with pride. So when some Fish friends asked me to join them for a post-tournament sushi dinner, it was easy to say yes... and i made sure we created a sushi fish between bites.

Day 210 :: Saturday July 28 :: Ottawa

Make something inside of a bottle of any size (soda, medicine, syrup, etc.).

My ultimate team, BFC, is back in action this weekend. Time to play in our flagship hometown tournament, No Borders! Since our field water is contained in those large 18.5L bottles, I thought it would be fun to insert a small pirate ship inside one of them. Perfect!

Day 209 :: Friday July 27 :: Ottawa

Create a Rorschach test-style inkblot print. Put a small amount of ink or paint on a piece of paper, forld it in half, and press the halves together, then open it to reveal the image. Bonus: Have your friends interpret it!

This was a super fun assignment to tackle one over my lunch break! I may have mentioned before that i work in a print shop, so opted to use press ink since we have so much of it in our production area :) Of course, my colour choices were limited to the colours currently being used on press, and today this meant the primary cyan, magenta, yellow and black (this last one ignored in favour of its brighter counterparts). I made three prints using two colours on each – and learned in the process that press ink is a lot thicker than expected... think congealed molasses. Then for fun, i asked coworkers/friends to interpret them. The results are below, be sure to look at the prints first... and tell me what do you see?

Print 1:

Print 2:

Print 3:


Print 1: ant, cockroach, spider, butterfly (2x)
Print 2: butterfly (2x), cricket, robot sitting down
Print 3: bee (4x), bug with a face

Day 208 :: Thursday July 26 :: Ottawa

Create a package for something that's normally unwrapped.
Create something really freakin' cool.

I now take you back to the renovations at my friend Nick's house, where today was counter-making day! Yes, he is making concrete countertops from scratch (crazy!) – meaning wood bases/molds, concrete mix and the most interesting part (to me, anyway): glass inlay on top. Since first hearing about that part, I'd been dying to do the glass inlay, but with Nick's schedule initially putting that step mid-afternoon; and with me being at work then going straight to practice afterwards, it didn't look very likely. 

Then i got home post-practice, just in time to receive a text message saying that there were a lot of setbacks over the course of the day, and that if i could make it over within fifteen minutes, i could do the glass inlay. Heck yeah!! I dropped everything and biked over in record time.

These are the materials: black concrete counter in the background, red glass fragments in front, light/dark blue glass fragments in the mason jars. 

First order of business: making a star, of course; then photographing it without dropping my iPhone in the wet concrete. 

Once there were enough glass fragments all over, it's time to trowel them in. The concrete will then be cured over the course of a week. 

Update: It's over a week later! The counters were polished, and this is what they look like! All that's left to do are minor touchups and applying a sealant. Doesn't this look awesome?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 207 :: Wednesday July 25 :: Ottawa

Use paper like it was fabric. You can weave it or sew on it - what else?

I'm too tired to think about 'what else'... These seemingly simple running stitch outlines took forever! I was surprised how well the paper held up considering that it is a regular 24lb bond weight, and i'm including a nickel in the photo for scale. Time for bed!

Day 206 :: Tuesday July 24 :: Ottawa

Look at the sky after the sun goes down today and make something inspired by what you see.

This post was inspired by fellow one-a-day creative Lauren, who featured these fun 3D letters last week. I fell in love with them and was waiting for the right occasion to feature them in my own blog! The colour scheme on the letters mimicks tonight's sunset as we drove back from practice – a gorgeous orange.

Day 205 :: Monday July 23 :: Ottawa

Make a meal that doesn't look like what it actually is and serve it to friends. 

Another slight bending of the rules tonight... I was invited over for dinner at a friend's. He said he was making omelettes, and this is what appeared before me. Since this really doesn't look like any omelette i usually make, i retroactively called him the 'guest creative' for today. Then i dug in my dinner – which was most delicious. Who would have thought of using barbecue sauce in the making of an omelette?

Day 204 :: Sunday July 22 :: Ottawa

Ask a friend you haven't talked to in a while for a suggestion of what to do today. Explaining what you're up to is part of the experience. Bonus: Get your friend involved in the actual thing you make. 

I started this assignment by putting a call-for-suggestions out on Facebook! I then spent a few hours in house-reno-land assembling/installing Ikea drawers (remember yesterday's twenty-five boxes?), before checking to see what suggestions the post might have gathered. There were some great ones!

Wow, the 'create the floorplan for your dream home' suggestion couldn't have been more perfect, and is the one i opted for. My friend let me doodle in his reno notebook, and here's the result! Note the full-size ultimate field and star-shaped pool in the backyard :D

PS. I'm filing the other suggestions and plan on executing each one before the year is done!

Day 203 :: Saturday July 21 :: Ottawa

Make a map of (or to) a fictional place. Bonus: Use it and see where you end up!

I'm helping a friend with some house renos this weekend, and today included a stop at Ikea. It was only my second visit since the opening of the new, mothership-sized blue and yellow behemoth of a store... and of course we got completely lost as we went back and forth between kitchen and living room areas trying to track down some very elusive door brackets.

Once back at the house with our twenty-five boxes (yes, twenty-five!) and armful of small items, I found a dusty corner to make this little map – this dotted-line trail would have been useful on the Ikea floor!

Day 202 :: Friday July 20 :: Ottawa

Take something new and make it look old.

Cute little baby picture + cotton balls = result!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 201 :: Thursday July 19 :: Ottawa

Build a pair of eyeglasses. Wear them for a day. If you already wear eyeglasses, put the new pair over them or use your own as a base to work on.

I didn't get around to making these fun 365 glasses until after practice, so wore them with my contact lenses until it was time for bed :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 200 :: Wednesday July 18 :: Ottawa

Save the hair from your next haircut and work with it (or get a friend to save you theirs if you're not squeamish). Or, if you have pets, work with the hair they shed. 

Hmmm. I have no plans to get a haircut for at least another month, and don't have pets... instead, i 'sourced' hair from the next best location: my friend Brent's dog. Nicknamed dog-dog, she is the sweetest, smartest lab-husky cross i know (and love to play with every time i visit), and conveniently, sheds fur quite a bit. The hair requesting was a fairly funny conversation via text message, and ended with this reply:

Of course i said yes. So here it is, a miniature clone of dog-dog.

Day 199 :: Tuesday July 17 :: Ottawa

Make a flag for a new country or a new flag for your current country. 

I wasn't very inspired to create a flag for a new country, so opted instead to make a canadian flag out of various red objets lying around my apartment. It was still fun :)