Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 209 :: Friday July 27 :: Ottawa

Create a Rorschach test-style inkblot print. Put a small amount of ink or paint on a piece of paper, forld it in half, and press the halves together, then open it to reveal the image. Bonus: Have your friends interpret it!

This was a super fun assignment to tackle one over my lunch break! I may have mentioned before that i work in a print shop, so opted to use press ink since we have so much of it in our production area :) Of course, my colour choices were limited to the colours currently being used on press, and today this meant the primary cyan, magenta, yellow and black (this last one ignored in favour of its brighter counterparts). I made three prints using two colours on each – and learned in the process that press ink is a lot thicker than expected... think congealed molasses. Then for fun, i asked coworkers/friends to interpret them. The results are below, be sure to look at the prints first... and tell me what do you see?

Print 1:

Print 2:

Print 3:


Print 1: ant, cockroach, spider, butterfly (2x)
Print 2: butterfly (2x), cricket, robot sitting down
Print 3: bee (4x), bug with a face

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