Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 218 :: Sunday August 5 :: Lac Vert, QC

Work only with, or be inspired by, measuring devices today, such as rulers, tape measures, and measuring cups. 

I've recently started seeing someone, and our favorite running joke is how much time we've spent in the car together... of course, this stems from the fact that we started dating following a 31-hour road trip over five days (see days 194 to 198 for more details), but very often we'll be on our way to ultimate or a friend's place and one of us will start laughing and say, 'oh look, we're in the car again!'. So today's creative is a pie chart (since you can make charts using measurements!) showing how we've spent our time together so far. Note that the pie segments are all represented using textures found in our campsite :)

So, Starting at 12 o'clock, and going clockwise:

  • Blue tarp – playing ultimate/throwing a frisbee
  • Green moss – working on house renovations
  • Orange kayak – camping
  • Yellow-green mesh – long walks on the beach
  • Reddish pink canoe – sitting on statue of giant lobster
  • Brown bark – time spent in car!

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