Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 208 :: Thursday July 26 :: Ottawa

Create a package for something that's normally unwrapped.
Create something really freakin' cool.

I now take you back to the renovations at my friend Nick's house, where today was counter-making day! Yes, he is making concrete countertops from scratch (crazy!) – meaning wood bases/molds, concrete mix and the most interesting part (to me, anyway): glass inlay on top. Since first hearing about that part, I'd been dying to do the glass inlay, but with Nick's schedule initially putting that step mid-afternoon; and with me being at work then going straight to practice afterwards, it didn't look very likely. 

Then i got home post-practice, just in time to receive a text message saying that there were a lot of setbacks over the course of the day, and that if i could make it over within fifteen minutes, i could do the glass inlay. Heck yeah!! I dropped everything and biked over in record time.

These are the materials: black concrete counter in the background, red glass fragments in front, light/dark blue glass fragments in the mason jars. 

First order of business: making a star, of course; then photographing it without dropping my iPhone in the wet concrete. 

Once there were enough glass fragments all over, it's time to trowel them in. The concrete will then be cured over the course of a week. 

Update: It's over a week later! The counters were polished, and this is what they look like! All that's left to do are minor touchups and applying a sealant. Doesn't this look awesome?

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