Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 223 :: Friday August 10 :: Ottawa

Create a Mad Libs-style story (remove nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and other parts of speech and replace them with blank lines), and have a friend fill it in. Bonus: Illustrate the end result.

Oooh, fun!! The story didn't take long at all to write, then i turned to Facebook to request/collect the required missing words. Lots of people replied, which made lots of fun versions of the story – including my personal favorite, coming from my little sister, who wrote her own story using only the prompts! The version illustrated below used the first reply on my post, from wish-sister Sparta.

Should you wish to play along (of course you do!!), first write down a word to fit each prompt:
1. a person's name
2. a colour
3. an article of clothing
4. an ultimate term
5. another ultimate term
6. a food item
7. a month
8. a city
9. an adjective
10. a plural noun
11. a number

Now, here's the story:
"There once was an ultimate player named name. S/he loved to wear his/her colour piece of clothing to play. On the sidelines, s/he could often be heard yelling ultimate term or ultimate term. After games, s/he always snacks on food. S/he can't wait until month because s/he'll travel to city to play in a big tournament with his/her team, the adjective plural noun. S/he hopes to score number points, and make many new friends!"

And here's the illustration!
(answers given: Sinclair, magenta, corset, poach, zone buster, gummy bears, November, Reykjavik, magnificent, balls, 10)

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