Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 184 :: Monday July 2 :: Lac Vert, QC

Use a skyline of your hometown or another city as inspiration today.

I love long weekends... and as you can see, I'm still thinking about Canada Day! :) I was originally planning on doing this assignment once back to the city, but fellow camper Greg wouldn't hear any of it! He definitely deserves credit on this creation – I never would have thought to use pine needles as fireworks, especially not in the various colours – and he was very happy to lend a hand gathering supplies and putting the whole thing together. I think other people's enthusiasm is what makes the collaboration days so fun and successful; this one was no exception. Thank you, Rockstar!

And since Greg wanted to see his face on the interweb (aka my blog), here we both are posing with the creation (i'm the goof on the right)!

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