Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 186 :: Wednesday July 4 :: Ottawa

Make something quiet today.

I was reading an online article on busyness yesterday, which really made me pause and think about how I schedule my life, and my use of the term 'busy'. And so, with back-to-back tournament weekend looming, I decided that today should be a quiet, 'me' night.

I started off by doing all the little chores right after work (dishes, folding laundry, etc) then went out for dinner at a favorite pizza place, ZaZaZa (no, really – if you're ever in Ottawa, you need to check them out!). My chicken/bacon/onion/barbecue sauce pizza was delicious! Back home, i took a quick shower and then applied a facial mask... which immediately brought back memories of me/mom/sister applying one while camping years ago, and dad teasing us as we sat there with cucumber on our faces! Then i read for a while. Ended the night by stitching a remembrance patch on my current team jersey, while listening to All Sons & Daughters' latest album... it was good, quiet reflexion time. I didn't go to bed as early as I would have liked, but this night was definitely a success.

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