Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 190 :: Sunday July 8 :: North Bay, ON

Work with newspaper to make the biggest thing you can.

Ontario Ultimate Championships update: We started this morning as the eighth seed in the top 8, facing the top seed of the tournament... and... we pulled off the upset! It was a very hard-fought, intense game. So on we go to semi-finals, win again and end up in finals. Crazy. The finals were a rematch of the team we played on our first game Saturday morning; unfortunately things didn't quite go our way and we lost 13-11. But second place is still quite the achievement, and we earned a spot at the Canadian Ultimate Championships! Yay! To celebrate, here's a giant number 2 :) That's one of my teammates lying in it to give an idea of size – and we had to put rocks on the newspaper pieces to keep them from flying away!

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