Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 189 :: Saturday July 7 :: North Bay, ON

Write a limerick about yourself or your hometown ("There was a young fellow from Richmond...").

I'm in North Bay this weekend for the Ontario Ultimate Championships! This is where 13 Ontario teams battle it out for a chance to attend the Canadian Ultimate Championships next month in Victoria. Today unfortunately didn't go so well for my team, BFC... which inspired this limerick:

There was a team called BFC
Playing Provincials intensly
Saturday two-two
Sunday start anew
Top five finish will be the key

And for fun, here's a bonus limerick about yours truly:

There was an acadian gal
Liked to throw frisbees with her pal
Flew over her head
Completely misread
All she could think of was 'brutal'!  (<--- fine... it's not a perfect rhyme... but it's almost midnight and i'm half asleep!)

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