Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 133 :: Saturday May 12 :: New York City

Make a word out of object in your environment or with letters found in natural formations outside.

This one was so! much! fun! I shared the assignment with my friend Jess, who was roaming the streets of New York City with me today. We had a blast finding suitable letters to spell out 'New York' – a great way to commemorate our trip. We even photographed extra letters that we found along the way! This is definitely something i would do again.

For those who are curious:
N = Messenger bag at the Freitag store (i confess to being a Freitag junkie!)
E = Railing on Liberty Island
W = Detail on base of the Statue of Liberty
Y = Jess's shadow on the dock; we were aboard a cruise boat
O = Wooden pillar at the above-mentioned dock
R = Unknown soldier monument in Battery Park
K = Trees in Battery Park