Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 123 :: Wednesday May 2 :: Ottawa

Work with or be inspired by an eggshell. If you want to keep the shell intact, make a pinhole in the top and a larger hole in the bottom. Then blow through the smaller hole and aim the bottom toward a bowl to collect the contents (be sure to wash the egg to keep it from getting stinky).

What i learned today: don't put your eggs in the fridge when you're halfway done because you have an ultimate game and plan to finish being creative later... smudging guaranteed afterwards due to condensation. Doh! That's what i get for being lazy and not blowing them out first :( The style of the design on the eggs was inspired by Yvonne's Zentangles (this week's Facebook group assignment). And why BFC? Because Bytown Flatball Club is the touring competitive ultimate team i'll be playing with this summer. Super excited!

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