Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A creative funk :/

We interrupt the usual creative posts with some not-so-happy thoughts. I hate to admit this, but i'm struggling a bit with the assignments lately... flipping back through my book, i'm a bit disappointed with myself on how some pieces are basic, quickly made or not as thought-out/elaborate as i'd like. I'm standing on the edge of a new summer of competitive ultimate, which are known for eating up so much of my time so quickly, and i'm worried about not being able to produce something each day – or worse, that the assignment become a chore... something that i do half-heartedly every night, something standing in the way of getting some much-needed sleep.

I'm hoping this is just a passing mood and i'll be able to bounce back. You, reading this – has this happened to you? Do you have any suggestions on how to beat this? I really don't want to give it up, yet i still want to be proud of what i produce. Help. And thank you in advance.



  1. I would take a break... sometimes it just. doesn't. come.! It's better than resenting something that usually makes you happy and brings a sense of accomplishment.

    I felt guilty the first times I couldn't sketch. Sometimes inspiration came everyday but other times I found myself staring at a blank page.

    The good news is that it comes back.. inspiration will always find you! ..but not if you keep chasing it. *kinda like a baby deer! LoL :)


  2. Well, how about taking a sabbatical? You could set yourself an end date and begin again after your summer has run its course. That's what we Unitarians do; we take the summer off from church. Seems similar to me! Don't stress it, but don't throw it away, either.

  3. Yo G-Star! You always say this to me, so I'll pass it back...stop being so hard on yourself! Picaso didn't paint a masterpeice every day! I look at your entries, and see your creativity oozing through. Keep plugging away, and if you ever need a hand, don't be afraid to ask :)

  4. Hey G!
    I read this and thought, well, I could have written most of that... I know the feeling - being unhappy with what I made, feeling the pressure of still having to make something even though I can't think of anything and I really don't want to right now, worrying that an upcoming busy two month will destroy the whole project...
    I cannot present you with a definite solution, but here're two things that helped me:

    When I was diappointed by those stupid little things I made, I tried to think less of the 'daily' part of the project and look instead at the big picture: by the end of the year, I will be happy about every single star I made because it was needed for this! (Really not easy, I have to work on it again and again, but then it helps.)

    When I knew there was a really busy time coming up, I made a compromise that it was okay to make two stars a day whenever I got the opportunity, so I could work ahead or catch up if I needed to, until this would be over.

    I really hope you'll get out of this funk and can be proud of what you make cause, honestly, just to go through with something like this is quite an achievement and a beautiful thing in itself! And you already made it past the first 100! Don't give up - try a compromise first, if need be. :)


  5. Ups and downs are definitely part of the process! I didn't love every single thing I made over my year, but it was the act of daily making and the experiences I had along the way that were the most beneficial for me. When I pushed through the tough parts I always came out somewhere better on the other side. Hang in there!

  6. THANK YOU so much to everyone who commented and shared their personal experience on the subject. It's so encouraging to hear, and i don't plan to give up the daily project. I made it to May, which to me is an accomplishment in itself! I know there will be good and bad days, and on those bad days i'll simply re-read all your kind comments. Thanks again. :)

  7. Ma chère Gen,
    c'est vrai que tu es un peu trop dure sur toi-même! Je te lève mon chapeau pour tout le chemin que tu as fait jusqu'à maintenant; ta créativité et ta détermination dépassent largement la moyenne :):)
    Je pense qu'une partie de la leçon de ce projet est d'accepter de ne pas toujours être obligé de se sentir à la hauteur...tout le monde, peu importe qui, a le droit de prendre un répit; c'est souvent ça qui permet de mieux reprendre son souffle :-)