Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 127 :: Sunday May 6 :: Ottawa

Mail art! Take an existing postcard and alter it, then send it to a random address (or anonymously to a friend), after documenting it, of course.

Huh. I love that this assignment fell on a Sunday - the day my favorite blog, Postsecret, is updated. If you're not familiar with Postsecret, it's a collection of secrets that strangers mail in on postcards (there are two criteria: 1. A secret you've never told anyone; 2. That it be true). I love reading the secrets every week, especially when I find a bit of myself in a particular secret - and who hasn't? For a long time, I've been meaning to craft a postcard and mail in my own. I finally did this today, but will not be posting the resulting postcard since, well, it's a secret :) But it does tie in a bit with what I did for my assignment.

For the last two weeks, I've been struggling with a close friend's imminent move out of Ottawa (which coincidentally happened today). Sure, it's temporary, and only four hours that way, and we'll still email and see each other on weekends once in a while... but the distance will suck. There's a certain comfort to knowing someone's in the same city as you... this won't be the first time one of us is in Ottawa and the other isn't for an extended period of time, but somehow this feels different. We hung out last week, talked about the summer, took a bunch of silly pictures that won't make it to Facebook because I just want to keep them all to myself. And so this afternoon, it seemed fitting that I'd happily doodle on a postcard and mail it to my friend's summer address. 

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