Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 46 :: Wednesday February 15 :: Ottawa

Face it. What can you do with a face – yours or someone else's? This doesn't have to be face painting, you could use food or something else to decorate it, or try molding it into a new shape with hands or tape and documenting it.

I went for dinner at The Works tonight with my cousin. While waiting for our burgers to arrive, he asked how the blog was going, and i revealed that i was planning on taking care of today's creative assignment as soon as the food arrived – using my salad.

This might be the fastest i've done a creative so far – and i blame the burger in front of me! I couldn't bite into the elk patty/caramelized onions/fried egg/pineapple/purple beets/gouda deliciousness soon enough. Om nom nom!

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