Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 45 :: Tuesday February 14 :: Ottawa

Create an image with masking tape or any other kind of tape, for that matter. Try making it on a nontraditional surface. Extra credit: Leave it for others to find.

These bird silhouettes on my apartment door were a trial-and-error process: masking tape was a bit see-through and made layers look weird; duct tape blended in too much with the paint colour, athletic tape is too expensive to use in this fashion.

Thank goodness for electrical tape! This turned out to be a fantastic medium: it's wonderfully stretchy and lays flat when doing curves! Excesses were easy to trim with a blade for perfect shaping.

As for the 'leaving it for others to find' part - I guess the newspaper delivery guy will be the first to see it in the morning :)

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