Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 35 :: Saturday February 4 :: Morin Heights

Create instructions that others can use to make something and then have someone try it out.

Written instructions after pondering in bed for 30 minutes, listening to others in room sleeping and trying not to fall asleep as well:

Materials: bread, cream cheese, bacon, raisins or small nuts, knife
1. Toast bread
2. Cut toast into circles. Make one big and one small circle.
3. Cover toast circles with cream cheese.
4. Add raisin/nut eyes and button; add bacon arms and hat.
5. Eat!!

The next morning, i enlisted a volunteer to make it, and voilĂ ! Snowman toast :) The perfect start to another day of winter fun in Morin Heights's winter wonderland. Bring on the snowshoes!

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