Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 31 :: Tuesday January 31 :: Ottawa

Make a path for people to follow and invite people to try it out.

I did something in public today. I also told a bunch of people about this blog. Not sure which one was more nerve-racking!

I had made a bunch of cardboard dashes and a larger cardboard X before leaving for an evening meeting; the idea was to make a path once there and get people to play along. But while waiting for my connecting bus at the deserted Lees station, i wondered – what if i traced a path from the shelter to the bus stop?

The only other person there looked at me very, very strangely as i dropped the X and dashes as fast as possible, knowing there would only be one chance to get a photo before everything got stepped on. A bus pulled in (the dashes outside the line were blown over by the bus), the picture was taken, exiting passengers looked at the ground questioningly then went on their way. I then picked up my soggy cardboard props, threw them in the trash and hopped on the next bus... and smiled during the entire ride.

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  1. G, This post made me laugh out loud for several minutes with visions of you scurrying away to steal a photo and watching the gust blow your dashes away! This blog is awesome! Keep it up!