Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 42 :: Saturday February 11 :: Ottawa

Turn today's junk mail into something much more appealing.

It's Saturday.  Even if mail was getting delivered today, my building is, via a large sticker on the front door, a junk mail-free zone. This means that the only junk mail to enter my place today is in the form of flyers wedged in my daily Citizen.

Murphy's law dictates that there shall be only three flyers included (instead of the usual half-inch thick stack): Shoppers Drug Mart, SmartSource, The Bay. And they all have a very valentine's day theme. Hmmm. Inspiration finally came in the form of a candy heart in The Bay's flyer. After cutting up various shades of lipsticks/dresses/backgrounds and making a cute collage with them, here's the result! (note that the yellow envelope is part of the book)

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