Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 171 :: Tuesday June 19 :: Ottawa

Work only in black and white (or with black and white items).

Today was a bit of a hard day. It started well, waking up to heavy rain outside (I love the sound); but very soon after I was off to an early-morning chiro appointment. I've been having issues with my right IT band and knee for the past two weeks, severely limiting my physical activity as even biking or walking too fast hurts. And of course... this means no ultimate. Sitting out at practice sucks; watching my team play an entire tournament last weekend without being able to run on the field with them was worse.

But back to the appointment. My chiro was a bit stumped as to why I'm still presenting with pain after a few treatments, so he decided to try a different approach and do acupuncture. Which I hate. I cried for ten minutes straight after the needles were in, letting out the helplessness and frustration. Emailed a few friends for support, trying to make light of my 'human pin cushion' situation. But i still felt down all day at work.

Right before leaving work, I got an instant message from a close friend, reminding me to smile a bit, and have a better night. I wasn't sure about that, since I was heading off to yet another 'sitting out' practice.

But it was okay. The captains had planned drills using a stationary thrower, so I could still participate and not feel so useless. Then at the end, when everyone was doing running drills, I threw some long backhands with Gavin (he captained the first comp team I played on, back in 2004) and discovered that I can throw farther than him :) And to cap off the night, my carpool stopped at Burgers & Shakes on the way home. Nom nom nom!

So there was a bit of light at the end of a dark tunnel day... which led me to this little doodle.

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