Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 159 :: Thursday June 7 :: Ottawa

Use makeup - yours or borrowed, everyday or costume. You can work on skin, paper, or a nontraditional material.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm not at all a makeup kind of girl... so was pretty excited to spot these nail polish strips during a quick run to the corner drugstore. How perfect! (Note: the strips in general had caught my eye before, and i've actually bought some leopard-patterned ones as a Christmas stocking stuffer for my sister; but this star pattern is, according to the display, NEW! Yay!)

Verdict: as the box claims, the strips are easy to use (three cheers for the 'no mess' factor!) and have no drying time, but it took me a few nails to get used to applying them – this to say that painting my nails the traditional way would have been a lot faster. On the bright side, each box contains 16 strips, and since I have short ultimate-player nails, I was able to cut strips in half and 'paint' my finger AND toenails using only 9 strips!

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