Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 148 :: Sunday May 27 :: Ottawa

Purple people eater. Work only with purple materials today. Try working on a purple surface for a real challenge.

Remember James, who was a guest creative on Day 55 of the blog? He is a purple champion, and really couldn't resist tackling this purple assignment on my behalf! Here's what he had to say about his creation:

'Hello to all of G-Star's creative journal followers! When G mentioned she had an assignment coming up that required making something out of purple stuff, and that there were bonus points if it was on purple, I was excited to help out with this challenge. Speaking of challenges, given the great majority of my condo is currently in boxes, I had a difficult time finding many of my finest purple things. Thankfully, I hadn't yet packed the super awesome purple duct tape that G gave me as a gift. 

Seeing as how I'm not much of a visual artist, I tried to keep things simple. My goal was to create a purple-clad ultimate player, laying out for a purple disc, into a sea of purple. For purple lovers like myself, the preceding sentence sets a scene of violet nirvana. Beyond thanking G for the opportunity to take part in this project, I must thank my beautiful fiancée, who provided the following quote to keep me in line: "You can't tape his knee at that angle, or you'll break his leg!"'

This rocks – Thanks J!

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  1. Great job James!!!!

    If only I looked as graceful laying out for discs!!