Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 152 :: Thursday May 31 :: Ottawa

Create a working Rube Goldberg machine. 
Make something using stickers.

Yes, I made up my own prompt! As much as I admire Rube Goldberg machines and am amazed at the thought process behind them, there's simply no way I could create my own tonight. Right now, it's post-work, post-practice, I've packed for this weekend's tournament... yes, it's that late... so I got creative all over my new water bottle instead. The stickers on my bottles are usually very thought-out – and i do accumulate/create stickers for weeks before 'stickering' a new bottle – but I'd never pre-layed them out before. Very happy with the final result... and now, off to bed!

The setup:

And the final result:

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