Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 154 :: Saturday June 2 :: Devens, MA

Create a simple board game and play it, ideally with friends.

I wasn't too sure how this assignment would work out, as it seemed quite time-consuming at first, especially for a tournament Saturday out of town (there traditionally isn't much free time between games, team dinner and evening party, and going to bed way past midnight is the norm). Fortunately, we saved time by eating at the hotel and having the team party low-key and on-site as well! I started work on 'The Ultimate Board Game' after dinner, and roommates Heather and Megan quickly caught on and helped me come up with the prompts to include on the game. It was finished post-party, and the three of us plus Fred played an inaugural game before going to bed. It was awesome, and included lots of laughter and teasing.

It's worth noting that we played again on Sunday during down time between games, and that we showed it to the tournament director and to the Five Ultimate crew. They all loved it and took close-up pictures in hopes of being able to play it too!

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