Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 350 :: Saturday December 15 :: Ottawa

Have someone start something and then complete it yourself today.

This was a big one. About a month ago, a friend posted on Facebook about his intention to hold a polar dip event as a fundraiser for World Vision (specifically, clean water in Rwanda), and putting out a call for brave souls to take the plunge. 'What the heck', thought me, 'why not?' and i signed up. Over the next few weeks, friends, family and coworkers amazed me with their generosity, and i raised $815!

Then came today. Polar dip day. Time to (prompt alert!) complete what my friend started! Nervous? Yes, but two things really helped. First, I slept in fairly late this morning, getting up around 12:30 - with the dip scheduled for 2pm, this meant there wasn't much time between eating and getting ready to let the nerves settle in. Second, my spotter, Rookie (conveniently visiting this weekend) polar dipped last year and was very helpful with tips on what to expect.

And drumroll... At Britannia beach, on a sunny winter day, -14C, I stripped down to a bikini top and hot pink shorts, posed for the cameras, dipped a toe, swallowed hard and hopped in. @&$+*^%# it was cold! I was out 15 seconds later, shivering but proud of my accomplishment. The best part? Our group of 14 dippers raised $3000! I'm so proud of everyone!!!

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