Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 343 :: Saturday December 8 :: Ottawa

Make something boring seem exciting.

Felt! Pattern! Scissors! Ribbon! Glue gun! GLUE GUN!!! It really doesn't get any more exciting than this :D Tonight, I made a bunch of tree ornaments! ORNAMENTS!! Pretty! Little! White! Dove! Ornaments! Rah rah RAAAAHHHH!!!

Are you excited yet? :D
(These little doves are made from scratch. I created the 3-piece pattern on a piece of cardboard, then the pieces are cut out of felt. Wings are first glued to the body, then the two halves glued together along the bottom. Tail feathers come next, then body stuffing, followed by gluing and stuffing the head, and adding a little 'signature' star. The only part missing is the ribbon and little 'made with love' tag (these will be added tomorrow or Monday). And then the fun part: giving them away :) They will be going to friends who've had babies in 2012 – the wing color indicates gender, the eye is birthstone.)

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