Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 95 :: Wednesday April 4 :: Ottawa

Ask a stranger for a suggestion of what to do today. Explaining what you're up to is part of the experience! Bonus: Get them involved in the actual thing you make.

As i went about my day, i pondered exactly which stranger to ask... Someone walking past me on the street? The person sharing my seat on the bus? Finally, i bit the bullet at the gym and asked Kim, who was working out nearby. I then went off on my next circuit, and when i returned to my log, i found the following note attached to it:

Sounds good. It didn't take me long to think about who to call! Mom was first... voicemail. Next call was to wish-sister #1: Sparta in Montreal... voicemail. Last but not least, my last call was to wish-sister #2: JoJo in Toronto... voicemail. Boo! I left them all similar messages, explaining my task and wishing them a fun night. 

Update... all three got back to me. Mom left me a sweet voicemail; Sparta and Jo some love via text messages and Facebook. I really wish all of them lived closer to me for some real live hugs!

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