Thursday, April 12, 2012

DAY 100??!!

We interrupt the daily flow of creative assignments for a short announcement...


It hasn't always been easy, and honestly, some days it was very, very tempting to forego that day's assignment (in the same way that some days, you opt for the BigMac over the gym, video games over sleeping, driving over walking, sleeping in over the early productive weekend morning...), which is why i wanted to pause to say THANK YOU.

A giant, heartfelt thank you goes to:
  • Friends who have put up with my constant blog chatter (including agonizing, wailing 'this assignment is ridiculous! How on earth will i do this today?!'). 
  • Everyone who has helped along the way, either by making suggestions, pushing me in the right direction, making appearances on the blog, encouraging me, being in love with a particular creation, leaving comments...
  • Those people i've never met who started following my blog after it was featured on Make Something 365 (i'm following your blogs in return, and it's so inspiring to see your creations!)
  • Anyone else who is reading this :) The blog is nearing 2000 page views, which to me is absolutely incredible. Thank you.

Here's to the next 265 days! 
Thanks for reading, 
gstar :)


  1. Well done, 100. I can't tell you how many times I had just got comfortable when I had to get up from my bed saying "dammit! I haven't done a fan!" It's worth getting through the chore-like days though, for the inspiration days. Keep up the Good Work!

    1. I absolutely agree! There have been days when i'd get home at 11:30 due to a late game, and had to stay up way past my bedtime in an attempt to be creative... leading me to wonder: does it work if i dream about the assignment instead? :) Keep up the good work too, i'm a fan of your fans! (i'm sure you haven't heard that groaner of a pun before!) :)

  2. Congrats G-Star! Feel free to call me at 110 or 155 ;-)

    1. Thanks J! And i just might take you up on that. Stay tuned!

  3. Congratulations Genevive! Thank you for sharing the 365 experience.