Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 102 :: Wednesday April 11 :: Ottawa

Write a palindrome. Bonus: illustrate it! (Palindrome: A word or phrase that when read backward is exactly the same as when it is read forward (though changes in punctuation and spacing are allowed). A classic example is "Madam, I'm Adam".)

Writing a palindrome took forever!! I had the rats/star part right away, but figuring out the rest wasn't so easy... i admit to googling lists of words starting or ending with certain letters. I also learned what a sistrum – plural: sistra! – was: "...a musical instrument of the percussion family, chiefly associated with ancient Egypt. It consists of a handle and U-shape metal frame, made of brass or bronze. When shaken, it produces a sound that can be from a soft clank to a loud jangling..." (thank you, Wikipedia!). So really, not only is this project pushing me to be more creative, it's also teaching me new things. Who knew?

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  1. J'aime ton p'tit rat! J'ai appris quelque-chose moi aussi! Pas évident ce défi; bravo!