Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 245 :: Saturday September 1 :: Ottawa

Defy gravity. Create the illusion that the world has been turned sideways or upside down, or that something is floating.

It's my little sister's birthday today! To celebrate (and since she lives two provinces that way), we had a nice, fun, loooong phone chat this morning. Among other things discussed was today's creative assignment! Sis's suggestion was to use a helium balloon and weight it in such a way that it would be perfectly balanced in mid-air. Sounds like fun – so that's what i did. As a little bonus, after taking the balanced-in-mid-air picture, i removed the extra weight from the ziplock bag (now containing only a little note saying "found me? email me!") before releasing the balloon into the sky. I watched it as it rose higher and higher... before finally disappearing.

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