Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 231 :: Saturday August 18 :: Victoria, BC

Create a new superhero. What are his/her/its powers? What does the costume look like? Bonus: Dress up as that character!

My teammate Josh Tai has earned the funny yet unfortunate nickname 'Angry Asian' at some point over the course of the season, and we were musing earlier that it would make a good superhero name. He then gave me permission to use/amend this 'i'm rolling my calves so they don't hurt so much anymore' photo to turn him into today's superhero! Thanks Josh!

For the curious: BFC lost by 2 points in the placement bracket final, meaning we take home the coveted 10th place. With Nationals in the books for us, we hit the party and had a blast dancing up a storm while mingling with friends from other teams. A great ending to a fun tournament.

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