Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 236 :: Thursday August 23 :: Victoria/Toronto/Ottawa

Carry something with you all day – preferably something you've made – and document it in a variety of locations.

I was originally supposed to fly out from Victoria last night, but due to the flight being oversold I'm only returning to Ottawa today. This short delay was perfect for today's assignment, and I had a blast with this little stuffed orca whale bought at the airport gift shop (it was much better than anything I could have made in my sleepy state)! Let's see its adventures:

12:20 am (PST) – We start by getting ready for bed at the Best Western Emerald Isles. It will be a short (but comfortable) night!

5:35 am – Oh, look! Our flight to Toronto is on time. 

6:22 am – "Is this one ours?"

6:39 am – All set and ready to fly!

6:42 am – Let's look out the window again. It's more fun!

2:20 pm (EST) – We made it to Pearson!

2:38 pm – "Do you think i can drive this cart? Will i get into trouble?"

4:26pm – Home sweet Ottawa!

6:53 pm – Finally... food that isn't from an airport or airplane!!!! 

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