Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 275 :: Monday October 1 :: Ottawa

Use your pocket change to make something worth more than what you could buy with it.

My fall ultimate team, Employee of the Month, is a riot. Yes, we get together twice a week and play some frisbee, but this team is so much more than that. Most of us are BigFish alumni, so on top of having played together for years, we're also good friends who tend to have a really fun time over these hour-and-a-half time slots. Thinking back on last year's season, I don't remember our games so much, only that we joked and laughed our way through them every single time. There were many times I was laughing so hard I couldn't run. I love these guys and gals.

So tonight, CA suggested we go for ice cream. Megan and I have both had recent breakups, thus Ice Cream Was Needed. I should note here that we first went for wings... before six of us ended up at Marble Slab. We each threw in some money (pocket change alert!!!) and CA bought a large ice cream cake (feeds 12-16 people, according to the box) and asked for six spoons. Crazy? Yes. We giggled our way from the first bite, where our plastic spoons could barely make a dent in the frozen top layer – to the last, final bit of melted ice cream on the tray. It took about twenty minutes. It's something I'll never forget... or ever attempt again. So really, the $5 I threw in towards that cake resulted in priceless memories. Thanks CA, Tim, Jon, Gavin and Megan!

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