Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 273 :: Saturday September 29 :: Toronto, ON

Work with, or be inspired by, a tin can or soda can. You can decorate on it, shape it with tin snips, or punch holes it it with nails – just be careful with the sharp edges. Try adding a light for an added effect.

After a long yet fun day at the Zodiac ultimate tournament, I got a chance to visit my good friend Jo in the evening. She and her girlfriend Heather have recently moved, so on top of catching up with them I got to check out their new digs – as well as finally meeting their adorable pets! It was easy to get Ledger to pose for this pic (yes, that is a tin can with Sharpied stars in the foreground), but unfortunately Callahan the cat would have none of it. Maybe next time?

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