Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 78 :: Sunday March 18 :: Ottawa

Make up a name and write a back story for a stranger you see today. Bonus: Create something based on what you've made up and give it to them.

On our way home from ultimate earlier today, we pulled up at a red light at a deserted intersection. Waited. And waited. A white car pulled up behind us.

John Doe was deep in thought, both hands on the wheel of his beat-up white hatchback, looking straight ahead. It's hard work to blend in every day, to appear innocuous, to avoid letting anyone in on his secret – that he really is Caped Dude, night-time crusader and vigilante. He's congratulating himself on the mustache, because who would suspect an average-looking guy in glasses and mustache? This is the perfect disguise, and blends right in with the local bureaucratic crowd. Movement from the car ahead caught his eye – a tall asian guy in a black ballcap suddenly jumps out and runs over to press the pedestrian signal. John shakes his head... don't these punks know that this is the longest light cycle in town?!

Then the light turned green. He turned right, already planning the night's activities.

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