Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 5 :: Thursday January 5 :: Ottawa

What do you collect? Work with a collection of objects you have in your home (or borrow a friend's if you like). 

I thought this one would be a doozy. I collect frisbees, so all i'd have to do was get a bunch out of my basement storage and i'd be done, right? Wrong. There was no time to do so between work and my evening ultimate game, and by the time i was on my way back home i was in no mood to dig frisbees out of storage. Now what?

As luck would have it, a friend dropped by and started lounging on my couch as i grew increasingly frantic (think going in circles in the living room!) about being unable to do my creative assignment. Suddenly, he interrupted me: "You know, G, there is something else you collect..." and nodded towards the fridge. FRIDGE MAGNETS!!!!

By then it was about 11:40pm, so i promptly sat down on the kitchen floor and proceeded to move magnets from the fridge to the oven. A few minutes later, i was done... and someone got a very big hug in thanks!

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