Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 295 :: Sunday October 28 :: Ottawa

Write a letter to a fictional character. Bonus: If it is a character from a book, leave the letter in a copy of the book in a library or bookstore.

So... tired... Slept almost the whole way back from Hamilton, but still exhausted :/ I admit to feeling a bit silly doing this – but I wrote my letter to Karou, the main character in Daughter of smoke and bone, the novel I'm currently reading. I feel a kinship with her – she has blue hair, tattoos and likes to draw; and some situations in the book remind me of current events in my life. But because when I'm this tired emotions tend to run a bit closer to the surface, I've decided to keep the contents of the letter off the blog. I'll decide within the next few days if a copy of it will be included in the book when I return it to the library... but don't hold your breath :P

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